Open Vs. Closed Rhinoplasty And Cost Revealed

Closed rhinoplasty is a nose job surgery technique accomplished via the nostrils. Because the incisions are performed within the nose there are no external scars present on the outside. While some surgeons believe that open rhinoplasty provides more access to the nasal structures, a skilled surgeon will be able to use either procedure effectively. The closed rhinoplasty procedure is more difficult to learn and requires a bit more practice. In addition it may not be as widely taught as in years past. Please ask each surgeon for closed rhinoplasty before and after pictures and photos to compare the skill of the surgeon as you do your search for the best closed rhinoplasty surgeon.

Having less post op edema is but one of the advantages to a closed rhinoplasty vs. open rhinoplasty operation. This includes, decreased potential for scarring, a shorter time in the operating room, and a quicker closed rhinoplasty recovery period. In addition the surgeon can make targeted improvements without taking the nose apart. That would be enough to convince most anyone. The thought of someone taking your nose apart is unappealing to say the least. The proponents of the open procedure would say it all comes down to one small matter. The resulting scar will be underneath the nose and nearly invisible over time.

The preparation details and the aftercare are very similar in both approaches. Following the initial consultation, the surgeon will inform you what is the best approach for your particular problem. If the possibility of even a small scar bothers you, ask if the closed procedure can be used to achieve your desired results. Surgery is done under general and sometimes local anesthesia and you will likely return home the same day with antibiotics and pain medication. If there is packing or an internal splint those will be removed at the first post operative appointment. Packing is seldom left in for more than a day or two and may not be used at all. The splint will protect and support the nose until it's new shape is stable.

During the post closed rhinoplasty recovery period you must rest for the first couple of weeks and maintain an elevated head and neck position using several pillows. This helps to lessen the swelling. Bruising will look worse before gradually decreasing over the next week or two. Most people return to work after about three weeks and can resume most of their normal activities. The doctor will advise you as to what things to avoid. In general, avoid bending over, lifting, or anything that causes you discomfort. Strenuous exercise is not advised for a longer period of time. You want to avoid doing anything to injure your new nose. The tissues are delicate and need time to heal.

What about the cost of closed rhinoplasty vs. open rhinoplasty? This is one thing some people consider while looking at the pros and cons for both procedures. But isn't it wonderful that financing or insurance is available for both procedures?! Also, you can find links on this web page to the web sites of closed or open rhinoplasty surgeons who will be able to tell you what closed or open rhinoplasty cost is. Inflation is forcing the costs upwards so if you are able to get this surgery done now it is better if you act quickly. But again, financing is available to some people who qualify, and insurance is available to those who need the procedure done after an accident or to clear up breathing difficulties.



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